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La Presse+, a measurable, engaging, flexible and versatile medium with guaranteed performance

Mass media

Advertise in La Presse+, and reach close to 520,000 unique tablets1 every month. With an average engaged time of 40 minutes on weekdays and 50 minutes on Saturdays and Sundays, La Presse+ delivers outstanding reader engagement, ensuring great reach for your campaigns.

Flexible and versatile

To meet advertisers’ marketing objectives, media planners rely on a range of media (TV, Web, magazines, radio, etc.) that influence consumers at certain stages of the purchasing process. The versatility of La Presse+ now enables planners to act upon multiple stages of the purchasing process through a single medium.


La Presse+ is the only medium producing comparative advertising performance indices allowing advertisers to continuously improve their campaigns.

Performance reports allow you to measure:

  • total number of delivered impressions
  • total number of interactions triggered
  • total number of videos triggered
  • total number of visits to advertisers’ websites
  • Engagement time on full screen ads

Quality leadership profile

The results of a CROP survey2 reveal that La Presse+ reaches a young, educated audience with strong purchasing power:

  • 59% of readers are young adults aged 25-54 (index: 118)
  • 37% of readers are university graduates(index: 167)
  • 48% of readers enjoy purchasing power greater than $100,000 (index: 197)


La Presse+ becomes the first tablet-based news platform with ad impressions certified by the Alliance for Audited Media.


The power of the tablet’s touchscreen and array of 28 types of interactivities means La Presse+ delivers a truly immersive ad experience with a high appreciation level among readers.

1Localytics, average number of unique tablets used to open one edition from January 2nd to February 4th, 2018.

2CROP study on La Presse+, June 2017, 3,400 respondents in Quebec. Base : Monthly readership - La Presse+ (n = 1,979).


La Presse's creative team imagines, develops and designs interactive ads that are impactful and have sure-fire appeal. With more than 2,500 ads produced, our creative team stands ready to guide and assist you in bringing your creative ideas to fruition.

A creation kit is also available to optimize and discover all the advertising possibilities of La Presse+. You will also find in this kit multiple exemples of interactions along with all the creative and technical specifications to generate the reader's interest towards your brand

Contact your sales representative to receive more information.

Advertise in La Presse+

Are you an advertiser or agency looking to leverage the interactive ad potential of La Presse+ to reach customers in a unique, innovative way? Get in touch with your representative or our sales team today.


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Patrick Jutras

Vice-President, Sales

La Presse


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Merida Lake

General Manager,
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